Rocking Amenities at The Palms Lakeshore Subdivision in Pampanga

Property ID: 100707

Lakeshore_Thumbnail_Biking_396x600 pxlMaybe you’ve heard it or read it on the newspaper that The Palms Lakeshore Subdivision has been launched in Pampanga.

Now, checkout the rocking amenities at The Palms Lakeshore.

  • Have a lakeside picnic with the entire family at “The Docks“.
  • Giving Your Daughtera rocking party at “The Tent“.
  • Teach your son how to ride at the “Lakeside Jogging Paths“.
  • Treat yourself to some personal workout time in “The Clubhouse’s Infinity Pool and Gym“.
  • Surprise your special someone with a date a “The Grill” capped off with an evening boat ride and quiet stroll at “The Lighthouse” parks.

Is this not exciting? Indeed, at The Palms, you can enjoy not only the affordable lakeside living but also the not-so-typical subdivision features. Definitely, your dream lakeside living is now within your reach.

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